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It doesn't matter if you're guilty or not, no matter the crime you've ended up in Japan's very first privately-owned prison, Deadman Wonderland. The public knows this place well enough already, an establishment serving as both a jail and an amusement park. You may try and protest against accusations, or go quietly since you know what you've done, but once you end up here there's no getting out until your sentence has been served.

You arrive at DW in the back of a paddy wagon escorting you to your new home, and the higher-ups have even given you some essentials to make you feel more at home. In the bag you've been handed there's one special DW jumpsuit, a manual, and one piece of "candy". While it looks just like a normal snack it's not recommended to devour it before knowing anything about it. The collar you've just been equipped with is constantly pumping poison into your blood, you'll need that candy which serves as your antidote, every seven days you better make sure to eat it, if you don't you'll drop dead.

Fortunately for you, death isn't permanent.

[community profile] neornithes is a private musebox set in the world of Deadman Wonderland, no apps needed just a small write up of how your character got here.

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